Monday, July 13, 2015

Wedding Bangles

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This time it is about the small things that are often messed up or forgotten in the wedding. So, if you are a bride who wants everything to be perfect, this post is totally for you. The most important accessory in any bridal attire will definitely be bangles. Hyderabad is known for bangles thanks to Charminar!!! But, since brides end up wearing traditional attire most of the time around wedding, you need colorful bangles to brighten you up for all the ceremonies. If you are not a fan of glass bangles merely because you feel they look cheap, you have been looking at the wrong places then.

Agreed Charminar is famous for bangles. But, Imagine you carrying all your wedding sarees/lehengas to a bangle store and the sales person willing to spend time on you personally looking for matching bangles and arranging them for you! Blissful right? Cuts down most of your work.

So, try Gosha Mahal Choodi Bazar. It's around Charminar but a lot less crowded. You find lanes of bangle stores. The more you buy the more you can bargain!

Another beautiful accessory is dori. One unanimous place to buy doris from a huge variety is Mahila Art Center, Badichowdi. This place is stocked up with all decorative stuff from pearls, doris, embroidery stuff etc.

Drop a comment below if you need the contact information of the stores I have been to.


Wedding Hues Hyderabad

Hello again!

So, I'm back again after a long time blogging.. This time it's time to relive the wedding shopping experience!!

Wedding preparations can turn out to be very difficult, daunting and more importantly time consuming. Thanks to the internet it has been made easy. But, during my wedding shopping I realized that most of the good stuff is hidden in the beautiful lanes of India which are don't have a strong online presence.

So, with the posts coming I will share the details of all the vendors/stores/budgets/pricing etc., for all the wedding stuff. Wedding is the important step in our life. And every bride deserves to enjoy the wedding preparations. You need not necessarily have to spend big bucks to enjoy your wedding or to make it memorable. The beauty is to find everything perfect economically.

To begin with, we see an emerging trend of bridal lehengas even in the south Indian weddings. Most us of follow trendy designer wear Facebook pages. Online shopping give us a great idea as to what we want. But shopping in-person is always a great idea! (trust me on this) What I did was to save the  images/ideas and explore Hyderabad with my iPad full of pricey lehengas from the designers of Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow or even Hyderabad. After a lot of research, enquiries and personal visits I came up with a list of reasonable stores in Hyderabad with bridal lehengas.

1. Nav Kala Kendra, Old City.
    They will see you only by appointment and you can find awesome bridal wear within your price         range.
    Address: Mitti Ka Sher, Char Kaman, Jumla Pathak

2. Kalakunj
    Kalakunj has 2 branches I have personally been to. One at Himayatnagar and the other at              Ameerpet. Himayatnagar store being a small one, you can extensively look at their collection with personal interest and sales girls helping you dress up in the bridal lehengas/sarees for you to have a better personal look and feeel of the attire. Ameerpet store being a bigger branch tends to have more variety. But both are incredible in their own way. Prices are very reasonable.(from 3000/- to 20,000/-)

3. Kalanjali
    Kalanjali has a wide range of classy stuff. To find a heavy yet elegant lehenga or saree model lehenga you need to spend between 10,000 to 20,000 rupees. But you won't be disappointed.

Also, follow some designers on Facebook like Taania Kandpal, Anushree Reddy to dwell into the idea of bridal lehengas. This will help you better understand what you want and what suites you!!

There are many more posts on the bridal shopping, bridal care etc I can't wait to post :)
Hope this helps