Monday, July 13, 2015

Wedding Bangles

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This time it is about the small things that are often messed up or forgotten in the wedding. So, if you are a bride who wants everything to be perfect, this post is totally for you. The most important accessory in any bridal attire will definitely be bangles. Hyderabad is known for bangles thanks to Charminar!!! But, since brides end up wearing traditional attire most of the time around wedding, you need colorful bangles to brighten you up for all the ceremonies. If you are not a fan of glass bangles merely because you feel they look cheap, you have been looking at the wrong places then.

Agreed Charminar is famous for bangles. But, Imagine you carrying all your wedding sarees/lehengas to a bangle store and the sales person willing to spend time on you personally looking for matching bangles and arranging them for you! Blissful right? Cuts down most of your work.

So, try Gosha Mahal Choodi Bazar. It's around Charminar but a lot less crowded. You find lanes of bangle stores. The more you buy the more you can bargain!

Another beautiful accessory is dori. One unanimous place to buy doris from a huge variety is Mahila Art Center, Badichowdi. This place is stocked up with all decorative stuff from pearls, doris, embroidery stuff etc.

Drop a comment below if you need the contact information of the stores I have been to.


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