Monday, July 21, 2014

Stranger Uber

Hello Hello Again!

Let's begin the day with a beautiful experience I had on one of my Uber rides. On a sunny Monday morning, I missed my alarm and was running really late for my internship! I requested a ride through the Uber app and within 5 minutes I see a high-end SUV arrive in front of my apartment.

Clumsily I get into the car and see a dynamic man in his 50's with grey hair, formally dressed in perfect office wear. The car was well-maintained, smooth and smelled good. He looked happy and sounded highly experienced and well-educated.

He initiated the conversation with a regular "Hi Hello How are you this morning?" I responded politely. He further went on to ask me about my education, interests and future plans. He then told me that he is into sales and marketing with relevant education background as well. He seemed like a executive level kind of person to me. Not only his dressing but also his diction and experiences suggested that.

During the conversation, I just said that "I'm going through one of those days where I just feel why is life so complicated? Why did I have to opt to study further? (Because the thought of not achieving a good financial stature and good job worries me)"
                                             What he said next simply astonished me! He said that" Well I'm 52 and you are 23, and we both are going through the same day! I lost my job in February 2014 and since then I have been looking for jobs but I somehow don't find any may be because of my age. Last year, this time, I was earning 10 grand a month and this year, I'm struggling to pay my bills. I use Uber to earn some money in stead of sitting home. So, you don't worry. Everything will be alright :) You have come all the way from the other side of the globe and you do everything by yourself here! I'm sure you will do good!"

It just melted me. I was awestruck! You never know what the other person is going through. We conveniently choose to believe that every one else lives fancy life except us which is so untrue. The advent of social media like Facebook epitomize the loneliness or the depression we go through. The urge to flaunt our fancy lives prompts us to display our emotions on such public platforms.


Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello Hello !!

So, this post is about Uber. I love Uber! In case you have not heard of it, it is a mobile application which provides ride sharing services for cheaper prices.

Here is the link
To check if Uber is available in your city and to calculate the cost from your starting point to your destination you can check this link

I heard of Uber from my roommate. I remember seeing it on Facebook a few times earlier, but doubted the safety and never actually researched on it. But thanks to my room mate I was educated.

So, Uber is this cool application which can be downloaded on your android phone or an iphone. You need to sign up initially with all the relevant details. You sign up either as a driver or a person needing a ride. So, the Uber driver enters his license information and vehicle information which guarantees safety of the riders. The main advantage in my opinion of Uber is, it reduces fuel wastage and works towards the reduction of global warming and most importantly helps people who don't drive to get around the city.

All you need to do once you sign up is enter your current address ( or can be populated by using the 'Current location') and choose the type of car. There are 3 varieties Uber X, Black Car and SUV. Uber X being the cheapest, the price range increases for the Black car and SUV gradually depending on your choice.  The coolest thing is once you request the car, you can see the driver allotted to you with a picture, the vehicle name and information. And then, you see the car on the map moving towards your place with the estimated arrival time displayed.

Here is how it looks,

And then what you get is to meet new people. Sometimes interesting, sometimes inspiring, sometimes pleasantly weird! Till date I have met the best people through Uber.

I think life is a lot more interesting if you meet new people everyday which is most of the time not possible. So, just utilize every opportunity you can just to meet new people and choose the right people to influence you for the better. Especially, when you know that meeting a person might not have any future association, it is easier to be yourself.



Hello All,

Like always, an introduction post or a first blog post is expected to have the same old boring content. But I guess that's the way it is!

   To begin with I love penning down my opinions. I'm an opinionated person which often results in me having conflicts with people. So, lately I realized it makes much more sense to pen down my thoughts/ideas or opinions when I have such a powerful medium than to attempt convincing people of my opinions.

I'm a student staying away from family. So, I use the internet for everything under the sky. From recipes to questions to thoughts to horoscope to predictions etc etc and the list goes on.

Sometimes, it is better for me to maintain a list of all the stuff I browse and I realized that it might as well help someone else. Hence, this blog. Also, I am a fun person in addition to being intense. So, you will also see a lot of fun ideas (or crazy stuff sometimes) just to let go the inhibitions!

I do have a strong interest in watching make-up tutorials and also I'm the proud owner of some cosmetics on which I will post reviews/swatch tests. I meet a lot of interesting people through my work or UBER! In case you haven't heard of it, it is a carpooling service which is cheaper than the cab services. I will post on my Uber experiences as well. I have deep thoughts on religion and Karma. From furniture to clothing and jewelry almost everything interests me! Most importantly, I'm a business student. So, this blog might as well contribute to you in better understanding the business/current happenings.

My friends call me a feminist. I don't know what that means for everyone. But for me, feminism is not about superiority or inferiority. It is about equality for me. I don't believe that either of the sex is superior. I believe that we all are human beings and deserve to be treated equal.

This was a very brief introduction of what this space will constitute of!