Sunday, July 20, 2014


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So, this post is about Uber. I love Uber! In case you have not heard of it, it is a mobile application which provides ride sharing services for cheaper prices.

Here is the link
To check if Uber is available in your city and to calculate the cost from your starting point to your destination you can check this link

I heard of Uber from my roommate. I remember seeing it on Facebook a few times earlier, but doubted the safety and never actually researched on it. But thanks to my room mate I was educated.

So, Uber is this cool application which can be downloaded on your android phone or an iphone. You need to sign up initially with all the relevant details. You sign up either as a driver or a person needing a ride. So, the Uber driver enters his license information and vehicle information which guarantees safety of the riders. The main advantage in my opinion of Uber is, it reduces fuel wastage and works towards the reduction of global warming and most importantly helps people who don't drive to get around the city.

All you need to do once you sign up is enter your current address ( or can be populated by using the 'Current location') and choose the type of car. There are 3 varieties Uber X, Black Car and SUV. Uber X being the cheapest, the price range increases for the Black car and SUV gradually depending on your choice.  The coolest thing is once you request the car, you can see the driver allotted to you with a picture, the vehicle name and information. And then, you see the car on the map moving towards your place with the estimated arrival time displayed.

Here is how it looks,

And then what you get is to meet new people. Sometimes interesting, sometimes inspiring, sometimes pleasantly weird! Till date I have met the best people through Uber.

I think life is a lot more interesting if you meet new people everyday which is most of the time not possible. So, just utilize every opportunity you can just to meet new people and choose the right people to influence you for the better. Especially, when you know that meeting a person might not have any future association, it is easier to be yourself.


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