Monday, July 21, 2014

Stranger Uber

Hello Hello Again!

Let's begin the day with a beautiful experience I had on one of my Uber rides. On a sunny Monday morning, I missed my alarm and was running really late for my internship! I requested a ride through the Uber app and within 5 minutes I see a high-end SUV arrive in front of my apartment.

Clumsily I get into the car and see a dynamic man in his 50's with grey hair, formally dressed in perfect office wear. The car was well-maintained, smooth and smelled good. He looked happy and sounded highly experienced and well-educated.

He initiated the conversation with a regular "Hi Hello How are you this morning?" I responded politely. He further went on to ask me about my education, interests and future plans. He then told me that he is into sales and marketing with relevant education background as well. He seemed like a executive level kind of person to me. Not only his dressing but also his diction and experiences suggested that.

During the conversation, I just said that "I'm going through one of those days where I just feel why is life so complicated? Why did I have to opt to study further? (Because the thought of not achieving a good financial stature and good job worries me)"
                                             What he said next simply astonished me! He said that" Well I'm 52 and you are 23, and we both are going through the same day! I lost my job in February 2014 and since then I have been looking for jobs but I somehow don't find any may be because of my age. Last year, this time, I was earning 10 grand a month and this year, I'm struggling to pay my bills. I use Uber to earn some money in stead of sitting home. So, you don't worry. Everything will be alright :) You have come all the way from the other side of the globe and you do everything by yourself here! I'm sure you will do good!"

It just melted me. I was awestruck! You never know what the other person is going through. We conveniently choose to believe that every one else lives fancy life except us which is so untrue. The advent of social media like Facebook epitomize the loneliness or the depression we go through. The urge to flaunt our fancy lives prompts us to display our emotions on such public platforms.


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